de pinxi | Grévin Seoul
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Grévin Seoul

With its opening in Seoul, Grévin invents the Hyperconnected Museum.

de pinxi creates the attractions that transform the visitor into an actor and social media producer!

With Grévin Seoul, the Parisian institution created in 1883 takes immersion of the visitor the extra mile: it allows him to be a celebrity himself, rubbing shoulders with the stars. A game of roulette against Brad Pitt and George Clooney, a school examination under the watchful eyes of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, a forced landing to stand in for Leonardo di Caprio…

This interactivity peaks in the Discovery Atelier, where the visitor can create his own wax figure…digital, now printable in 3D!

The admission ticket is the open-sesame that starts all these activities, personalizes them and follows the visitor throughout the Grévin Experience.

All these attractions give happy memories, made unforgettable in the form of the videos and photos that the de pinxi system makes available for sharing on networks.


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