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We are offering you a complete spectrum of experiences which will create emotions and memories and which will forge a strong bond between your visitors and your destination. Communicate with your visitors in a compelling and memorable way!
The Epic

The 3D/4D show, interactive and multilingual; this has everything you need to find out all about your destination’s history and its famous figures. Scripted to keep your guests spellbound and astonished!

  • vr21julyFocus4
    VRCocoons for Belgium!
Interactive Panorama
  • FeaturePanoramaFond
    Interactive Panorama

This is a very special way to overlook the surroundings of your destination, providing visitors with information in a range of languages about key points of interest. With a greater than 30X zoom level, the devices are always working, regardless of weather or the amount of daylight.

Treasure Hunt

a multimedia quest, which defines directions to be taken in your own facility! Take visitors from station to station as they discover information about your destination. This includes a postcard generator with an Internet and social networks link

  • featureTreasureHuntsm
    Treasure Hunt
Multimedia Guide
  • featureMultimedia
    Multimedia Guide

The most intuitive digital guide ever! The vandal-proof device delivers dynamic information according to visitor’s progress. Intuitive, multilingual, as rich as you want, and potentially fun if you integrate a game layer!