de pinxi | VRCocoons for Belgium!
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VRCocoons for Belgium!

The chancellery of the Prime Minister of Belgium invites to a 3.30 minute tour of Belgium!
A 360° immersion, at full blast, through the largest cities of the “flat land”; a sequel to the ‘Belgium Uniquely Phenomenal’ campaign!
The visitor, isolated in a cocoon, with a portable VR headset, travels through Belgium in super wide, while moving their head and …legs to look around him! The experience is an invitation to explore the multiple facets of the country: from the North seaside cities to the hilltop towns of Ardennes.

The installation is a signature attraction of the 21st of July, National Day: hundreds of phenomenal visitors made the trip!

The cocoons will carry on operation for the next year as support to the communication campaigns of the Chancellery: festivals, large events, embassies,…

The VR experience was entirely produced by de pinxi, from the scenario, 360 post-production, to shooting with one of our in-house 360 cameras. The editing was realised in 5k in order to offer the best immersion possible on autonomous VR helmets.
de pinxi developed an exclusive operation software which allows customization and the control of all the VR cocoons from one central control station.


Communication, Epic, Tourist destination