de pinxi | Blast the Balloons !
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Blast the Balloons !

The chancellery of the Prime Minister of Belgium is looking for a game to host the National Day:
de pinxi proposes to blast (virtual) balloons!


On the 21st of July at the Place Royale, the biggest tent is occupied by a giant video wall presenting the de pinxi‘s attraction of the day: Blast the Balloons !


By groups of 5 to 6 people and with the help of plastic balls, the visitors try to explode the balloons that fly across digital backgrounds. Each balloon carries an image of a landmark or a remarkable fact about Belgium. When a balloon is hit, a short thumbnail delivers the information of the presented heritage.

The group gains points for each successful hit. At the end of the game, the group’s score appears, and the players receive their points, a well-deserved reward for their energetic participation!
Nearly 2000 visitors hurried themselves to make the line to participate to this playful and convivial attraction, that was in no time the most sought-after attraction of the whole festivities.


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