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ChocoStory Bruges

Choco-Story Bruges, the Chocolate Museum, reopens after 6 months : de pinxi is entrusted for a complete renovation of the Founding museum of the group. Immersive decors, interconnected media, amazing collections and interactive games blend into a unique visitors experience.

The parcour unfolds as an historical narration, starting with the mythical origins of cocoa, the gift from the ancient god Quetzalcoatl to mankind.

Video mappings, interactive global quest and games, animated portraits, surrounding animated decors, dozens of screens are deployed by de pinxi to enhance the educational content and incredible collections dedicated to cocoa and chocolate, their history, the way to produce them over the ages…. and more specifically in Belgium!

In particular, the “Factory” presents the current way to produce chocolate, under the shape of a surreal industrial installation made of more than 120m of piping.

The renewed museum is provided with personal audioguides serving more than 10 languages, also with special track for kids. The audioguide is also the passport of the interactive quest, and allows the total customization of the visit, including the creation of souvenir postcards and chocolate profile!

Discover the pictures of the site, taken just before the first visitors step in!

Choco-Story is located in the historic heart of Bruges, and spreads over 4 floors, for a total of 1400 sqm.



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