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ChocoStory Colmar

1,200 m2 of immersive and interactive experience
de pinxi deploys the Choco-Story Museum in Alsace.

Immerse yourself in the history of Chocolate: discover the plantation, understand the economic challenges of cocoa. Go back to the origins, and to the cult of the Feathered Serpent god who brought cocoa to men. Climb aboard the galleon bringing the precious drink back to European courts!

Go to the scanner of the benefits of chocolate on the human body, then … Enter, enter the Chocabaret, and attend the unique spectacle of chocolate statues, singing and animated.

Discover the industrialization of chocolate production, and attend the first virtual demonstration in the digital chocolate workshop.

Create photos and video memories of your visit, and finish by crossing the country of chocolate makers, and more than 90 good addresses to discover in Alsace!

An interactive, immersive tour of 17 rooms, entirely designed and produced by de pinxi, with 1,200 m2 of decor and display cases, the incredible Choco-Story collections, 15 interconnected multimedia animations featuring our Global Quest & Tracking System, 6 immersive videomappings, dozens of animations and films, and the multilingual audio guide Choco-Story to support the visit.
The museum is open daily, since the end of November 2019.


Museum, Tourist destination