de pinxi | Mons Belfry – Belgium
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Mons Belfry – Belgium


8 thousand million pixels, augmented reality, a journey through time: for Mons Belfry de pinxi takes the concept of Interactive Panorama to the maximum.

Situated in the centre of the city, the Belfry dominates the countryside and offers the visitor a unique vista over the surrounding region. Looking out was, after all, one of its historical functions: serving as a look-out post against fires. Built in 1662, the Belfry has been UNESCO world heritage listed since 1999.

On reaching the level “Windows of Time” the visitor finds himself on a mezzanine taking him through 360° of the building. Following the 4 cardinal points of the compass, the walls present large windows featuring interactive panoramas by de pinxi.

Four giant guidance tables distil the interactive information on more than 100 points of interest surrounding the place.

The highly intuitive handling is a real invitation to discovery: the interactive panoramas offer direct digital access to all the city’s touristic or patrimonial riches.


Museum, Tourist destination