de pinxi | Waterloo Memorial
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Waterloo Memorial

For the consortium La Belle Alliance, de pinxi animates the new Memorial of the Battle of Waterloo.

The museographic project is the development of a consortium called “La Belle Alliance”, made up of companies whose fitting-together has allowed the conception, production and installation of 1 815 m² of exhibition in … less than 10 months!

de pinxi was tasked with creating and producing all the animated images that blaze the visitor’s trail, be they video or multimedia experiences.

de pinxi has also co-produced the film shot by Gérard Corbiau, “Au Cœur de la Bataille”, by developing 3D panoramic filming techniques and working on the post-production and special effects that grace the film.

de pinxi has also taken on the task of “La Belle Alliance”consortium leader and as press communication interface.


Focus, Museum, Tourist destination