de pinxi | Action Factory indoor games
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Action Factory indoor games

de pinxi creates interconnected attractions for Villages Nature Paris (a joint venture of Center Parcs and Disneyland Paris).


Around the theme of Caves and Caving, de pinxi installed 6 attractions, and deployed its  Global Scoring System to turn any activity into a gaming, returning experience!

Karaoke box: record your own video clip of your favourite song ; get the film on your email address.

Climb’blocks:  40 interactive checkpoints to transform a climbing experience into a total game experience.

Ocean play: giant shooting gallery. In an underwater cave, visitors have to destroy the crazy robots trying to invade the seabed.

Gorgon’Lazer : two different laser mazes ; avoid or interrupt the laser rays, gazes of the Gorgons.

Grotte Trotters (Cave trotters) : ride one of the four hungry bats, in quest for food in a dark cave.

Ninja Course : Press the buzzer to get access to the course, and overcome the obstacles, against the clock.

Leader Board and scoring : leaderboard and registration kiosks reveal personal scoring in real-time.

In the building next door, de pinxi  installed a large interactive bowling display system!

Scenography of Action Factory by Jean-François Lohou ; bouldering area & ninja course created by Planet Roc.




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