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We are offering you totally innovative experiences which will create emotions and memories for the whole family.
Connected with social networks, our interactive attractions will create returning visitors and happy gamers.


Total 3D games

Computer graphics-based, and mixed reality games, totally customised to your theme.

Shooting gallery, simulators, puzzles, quiz & dark rides.

Virtual & augmented reality experiences.

  • Virtual Casino
    Total 3D games
Treasure Hunt
  • featureTreasureHuntsm
    Treasure Hunt

A multimedia quest, which defines directions to be taken in your own facility! Take visitors from station to station as they discover information about the city. This includes a postcard generator with an Internet and social networks link.

Interactive aquariums

If just looking isn’t enough! Call to the inhabitants of the aquarium, signal to them, wave to them…

The entire surface of the aquarium is reactive: several visitors can (inter)act at the same time, depending on the size of the installation.
  • Aquarium2
    Interactive aquarium
Special format films
  • milanoShooting2
    Filming Milano
  • featurePTShoot2
    Filming Presidency of Portugal
  • featureChimay2
    Filming Chateau de Chimay
  • featureShootingWaterloo2
    Waterloo – In the Thick of the Battle
  • featureAlice2
    Alice in Digitalland
  • specialFormat1b
    Fiming Han-sur-Lesse

3D, 4D, panoramic from 180° to 360°. Large screens, domes, tunnels of image, or virtual reality headsets.  de pinxi masters the most customised films formats to match your storytelling and architecture.

Shared Memories

This is ideal if you have a large multimedia base available! Your visitors interactively create a journey through time in the form of a video personalised in the image of your destination.

  • featureSharedMem
    Shared Memories
Interactive panorama
  • FeaturePanoramaFond
    Interactive Panorama

Our famous interactive panorama becomes for your park an unrivalled real-time updated orientation table.  Information about attractions, queuing time, restaurants and menus are available at fingertips. Indoor and outdoor versions available.