de pinxi | Towers
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We are offering you a complete spectrum of experiences which will create emotions and memories and which will forge a strong bond between your visitors and your city. With de pinxi’s total impact approach, your visitors’ experience begins right on the ground floor!
Big Hole

The ground virtually melts away beneath the astonished gaze of visitors – special effects and very powerful sensations are guaranteed.

  • featureBigHole
    Big Hole
Shared Memories

This is ideal if you have a large multimedia base available! Your visitors interactively create a journey through time in the form of a video personalised in the image of your destination.

  • featureSharedMem
    Shared Memories
Virtual Panorama
  • FeaturePanoramaFond
    Interactive Panorama

This is a very special way to overlook the city from your tower, providing visitors with information in a range of languages about key points of interest. With a greater than 30X zoom level, the devices are always working, regardless of weather or the amount of daylight.

Treasure Hunt

A multimedia quest, which defines directions to be taken in your own facility! Take visitors from station to station as they discover information about the city. This includes a postcard generator with an Internet and social networks link.

  • featureTreasureHuntsm
    Treasure Hunt
City Forever
  • Milano01
    Milano Forever

A 3D/4D show, panoramic, interactive and multilingual; this has everything you need to find out all about your city’s history and culture, the starting point on a voyage of discovery!