de pinxi | Chimay Castle
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Chimay Castle

A renovation which smacks of innovation

de pinxi has been appointed to create the new château tour. With digital iPad™ and 4D show guides !

Prince Philippe and Princess Françoise de Chimay, responsible for launching the renovation project, have been seeking an innovative and progressive solution to welcome visitors in their Castle.

de pinxi have come up with an all-inclusive project which covers historical and archaeological research, audio-visual production and technical solutions.

The proposal is divided into three sections:
• an hyper-intuitive multimedia iPad™ guides for visiting the collections;
• a tremendous 4D show exploring the history of the château and its families;
• a website recounting practical and historical aspects.

A direct access to 1000+ years of History, which means that even the most technology-hostile visitors will be instantly won over, regardless of their age! Storytelling prevails.


Castle, Museum