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Comics Station Antwerp

For Comics Station Antwerp, de pinxi installs 5 immersive attractions: plunge into renowned Belgian comic strips!


Spike & Suzy (Suske & Wiske): Time Travel Machine.
Spike and Suzy are lost in the Time Machine: we have to bring them back in the present time! Half treasure hunt, half escape room, the Time Machine takes us either through ancient Egypt, or in a futuristic spaceship! Six interconnected interactive games : magical stones, laser maze, touch-screen puzzles & shooting gallery.

Jommeke: the Globetrotter.
Augmented reality spyglasses let us discover the destinations of the hero, just aiming at a world map!
Jommeke in the Air.
A 15m wide panoramic animation, surrounding the visitors, and synchronised with the bumper cars. !
Kiekeboes: the Vampire’s family dungeon.
As a vampire, try to cross the dungeon without being burnt by mobile sun rays! Revisited laser maze.
Kiekeboes: the Family house Drop Tower.
Climb to the attic with the son of the house, experience the free fall with the awkward dad! Video’s & sfx in sync.


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