de pinxi | The Pleasure of Mars®
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The Pleasure of Mars®

group interaction for a large interactive game on the (chocolate) planet Mars® :10,000 players in 7 days!

Navigating through landscapes of nougatine, surfing rivers of caramel and avoiding the chocolate landslides, the players discover, through their (inter-) action the ingredients of the “Pleasure of Mars®” !

This title developed for Mars® is a game which combines both team effort and individual performance: the room is divided into four groups, who compete to obtain the highest possible number of points. Within each team, individual scores are added up, so that a prize can be given for the best player in each session.

The game, the exclusive group interactive theatre, 3D projection and booth were designed, developed and installed by de pinxi. A no-break operation in an over-crowded event!


Communication, Entertainment