de pinxi | Vooruitzicht 3D interactive showroom
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Vooruitzicht 3D interactive showroom

 The World’s first ‘true scale’ home simulator!

The owner of a house or an apartment developed and built by Vooruitzicht will be able to visit virtually his future interior, in 3D, in true scale, in an outstanding presentation room.

There is nothing else to see but the full HD 3D simulation of the new home! But, there is even more, the owner will be able to configure life its property, thanks to the unique real-time tool developed by de pinxi.

These are thousands of configurations given at the fingertips of the owner, it the most intuitive way : “let’s put some wood on the floor”. Provided with buttons and joysticks the Vooruitzicht’s representative will guide the owner in the definition of his future belongings.

Architectural designs by B-architecten.