de pinxi | Ancient Olympia Museum of antique games
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Ancient Olympia Museum of antique games

Ancient Olympia is probably one of the most renown place of the Antique world; it offers de pinxi interactive experiences to the public !

A project in collaboration with Medicon and Unystems.

Interactive, 3D multilingual theatre and interacTable are the digital exhibits proposed to the visitors of the Museum located on the famous archaeological spot.

We travel in time till 165 B.C.: Romans rule Mediterranean sea, and Pausanias, an antique hiker, travels to Greece while the 236th Olympiads just terminated. He wrote down very accurate description of the site, and he is the source of the reconstruction presented in the argoGroup interactive theatre.

This virtual visit is an extraordinary complement to the visit of the archaeological site: it gives to the visitors a better understanding of the site, by immersing the public in the city while erected.

de pinxi also installed two interacTables, enabling the visitor to grasp intuitively the organisation of the Olympic city, presenting a fascinating interactive bird view on the digital reconstruction.