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Centre for Life – Lifeseeker

The show takes the visitors of the Newcastle Centre for Life on a search for life forms, with the most extreme living conditions on Earth .
Visitors take the controls of the Lifeseeker craft and decide which part of the planet to visit: they can explore the wide open spaces of the Antarctic or be transported into the very heart of the tropical rainforest. They may then proceed to the bottom of the sea, stopping off in vast deserts or dark underground caves: it is up to them to choose! Furthermore, they have to act as a team to gather as much information they can about factors of life in extreme conditions.

After this research, each visitor has to come to his or her own conclusions and say whether he or she thinks any form of life is possible outside our planet.

Format : 69 seats, 20-minutes interactive multilingual show, total control for each individual , on-demand audio. In 2006 :  the very first totally interactive 360°- Dome in the world!