de pinxi | Museum of Presidency Portugal
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Museum of Presidency Portugal

 In the heart of the Presidential Palace, the Museum devoted to presentation of the republican institutions and symbols of the republic. de pinxi installs the entire audiovisual infrastructure, as well as a good few of the interactive shows for visitors to the new institution.

 The options for upgrading the media are pushed to their extreme: de pinxi has designed an integrated and automated system which enables operators to completely renew the content from the internal network.The Museum can be considered as one of the first digital museums to open in Europe!

The Museum offers a path which develops into 8 thematic modules; for each of these areas, de pinxi has used audiovisual and interactive techniques specifically intended to magnify the information displayed.

The Portuguese flag – The individual information zone – The honorific orders
The portrait gallery – The photo point – The virtual visit to the Presidential Palace
The multipurpose oval room – The personal assistants