de pinxi | Europe Mega 3D Quiz
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Europe Mega 3D Quiz

The Europe Quiz! 36 players, a multilingual system is the solution to the problem of helping the public to understand the toughest messages, and to galvanise the toughest meeting! 

What’s the best way to get the questions raised by Europe across?  By a fun game! … Now in 3D !

This is the approach which has been chosen by the Belgian representatives of the European Union to “teach” Europe by means of a game, to help the people of 27 different nations to get to know each other!

Geography, local anecdotes, the stages in the building of Europe – nothing has been overlooked in the 500-question database!

de pinxi has used its quiz set, to make it possible for 36 players to answer the questions simultaneously. A multiple-choice questionnaire, run against the clock, with 3 buzzers for every individual in the audience to demonstrate their knowledge.

The game is run by both p !nx, one of the digital puppets developed by de pinxi, by MipMip the official mascot and by a flesh and blood moderator!