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Kegopolis Warriors @ Futuroscope

Now available at Futuroscope:
the mass destruction 3D family game!

6 minutes to save the universe.

The digital space colony of Kego is invaded by a swarm of mutant insects, whose sole aim is to destroy the city. Players are called into battle alongside the Kegopolis Warriors, the city’s last hope!

The city does not really exist; the baddies are very improbable, and explode as soon as they are hit; the powerful laser guns squeal, the spacecraft moves slowly: this is a “shoot ’em up” that everyone can enjoy!

Six players board each of three life-sized spacecraft to fly off to save the city. Crews consist of five players with laser guns and a captain in the turret who pilots the vessel and operates the protective shield. Their mission: to exterminate as many mutant insects as possible.

Final (?) update : “not a success, … a major success!”, as quoted by director of Futuroscope!