de pinxi | Speleogame @ Caves of Han
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Speleogame @ Caves of Han

Speleogame : a thrilling attraction allowing visitors to discover the protected cave network.

Pre-show and Active queueing : The visitor enters the themed area with its twenty interactive terminals he can discover 1001 facts about “Caves, man and the river” in his own language and at his own pace and then advance into the Speleobox to share the experiences of the caver!

The show:  Five seasons of interactive 4D show . On first season, we follow Maria, a journalist, she reports on events that are in turn disturbing, scientific and fantastic, set within the inaccessible Han cave network. But the real protagonists, as in all de pinxi productions, are the spectators, who interact with the events of the story as a team. A number of surprises await them: all of their senses are put to the test to elude the traps and solve the mysteries!


Entertainment, Museum, Tourist destination