de pinxi | Murky Waters @ Rostokino
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Murky Waters @ Rostokino

With the “Interactive Cinema”, de pinxi opens the doors of Multiplexes in Moscow

Installation of interactive 3D room in the Rostokino multiplex, of the Luxor chain.
“Excursions in Murky Waters” starts operations !!

In 1993 de pinxi invented the concept of interactive cinema: a mix of audiovisual production and infrastructure for audience gathering dozens of spectators to discover a story, interact with its development, playing all together in front of a large screen!

17 years and 50 productions later, de pinxi installs one of his interactive theatres in a multiplex, after developing its concept worldwide in the fields of communications, theme parks and museums.
The theatre is equipped with the latest technologies and software to create the most compelling experience: 3D stereoscopy in HD, special effects (light, powerful vibrations, sounds, …), spatialized sound, argoKernel™ real-time graphics engine and total individual control.

A collaboration with our Russian representatives : SL services.